Julian Lin gets Roll Call Live invite despite fraud charge

Julian Lin at 2016 Election impact event
Julian Lin spoke at a Roll Call Live special event after the 2016 election. Lin has been invited to the 2018 election show but will be unable to attend because of pending fraud charges in Taiwan. (Taiwan Civil Government)

David Meyers, Vice President of Congressional Quarterly Roll Call Live, has invited Julian Lin to Washington now that she is out of jail on bail in Taiwan. Unfortunately, the terms of Lin’s bond for fraud charges prevent international travel. Meyers wanted Lin back after her appearance in 2016 when Taiwan Civil Government sponsored a special election show for Roll Call Live to the tune of $20,000.

Meyers’ new invitation, on Fiscal Note letterhead, promised a “networking opportunity” with some of the “smartest minds in Washington.” The event, called “After the Races,” is scheduled for November 8 to take an “immediate look” at mid-term Congressional elections and how the results will impact “government spending and defense/foreign policy.”

Meyers did not ask for money so there will be no reserved table in the studio like last time when Lin welcomed attendees. In May 2018, Lin’s group, Taiwan Civil Government, was to sponsor a show featuring a Congressional panel discussion entitled “Reshaping the State Department, A Fresh Start with East Asia.” The program was canceled the day of the broadcast. Roll Call Live CEO Meg Hargreaves explained the cancellation, “This is due to the fact that two Members of Congress scheduled to appear at the event withdrew from the program.” Hargreaves declined to name the two Members of Congress who got cold feet.

The Roll Call Live show was two weeks after the arrest of Lin and her husband Roger Lin, TCG founder. Both Lins were being held incommunicado in solitary confinement. The Heritage Foundation went on with a TCG sponsored event on “Trade in Asia” the same day as the Roll Call Live show. However, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was a last minute no-show when he was purportedly called to an urgent meeting at the White House.

Besides Roll Call Live, TCG sponsored or underwrote events for POLITICO, Foreign Policy, the McLaughlin Group, and Heritage Foundation. All have declined comment on Taiwan Civil Government sponsorship and all have refused to report on the May 2018 fraud arrests in Taiwan. The Lins and others are accused of masterminding a complex scam to dupe TCG members disgruntled by belief their money was donated for false connections to the United States government.

Republic of China in-exile authorities resist Roger Lin’s advocacy, maintaining it offers false promises and is a financial scam based on political ideology. Lin’s group was severely fractured several years ago with top leaders quitting over complaints about money. Held over four months in harsh pre-trial detention, Roger Lin came out of jail to a hero’s welcome at TCG headquarters where he now prepares for his defense.

The Taoyuan District judge who released the Lins on bail did so one week after TCG bought a full-page ad in the New York Times complaining about denial of bail. The New York Times is another media house that is quick to take TCG money but ignores a unique, international crime story drenched in politics.

Author: richardsonreports

Author of FRAMED: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO & the Omaha Two Story.

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