Roger Lin fraud case heats up as prosecutors seek lockdown for Taiwan Civil Government leader

roger arrest
Roger Lin, head of Taiwan Civil Government, was arrested in May 2018 on fraud charges    (credit: News 52 screenshot)

Roger Lin, controversial head of Taiwan Civil Government, recently had his bail increased to 30 million NT$ ($975,000 USD) after Taoyuan District prosecutors appealed the release of Lin on bond. The prosecutors would prefer Lin remain incommunicado in solitary confinement as he had been for over four months until getting ten million yuan bail. Lin is accused of deceiving some of his followers into making donations with false claims about Taiwan’s future and the role of the United States.

Roger and his wife Julian Lin, along with Yu Hsiang-ching, TCG’s landlord, were released on hefty bail a week after a full-page ad in the New York Times sought international assistance for the imprisoned group members. Taiwan Civil Government seeks the expulsion of the exiled Republic of China administration from Taiwan and the installation of a temporary United States military government pending resolution of the island’s sovereignty.

The October 31 detention hearing was again held in a tiny courtroom that seats twenty people. Four hundred TCG members, all clad in their black business suit uniforms, lined the hallways. To counter the show of support by group members, eighty extra police and security personnel were present giving heightened tension to the scene.

Julian Lin’s bail was raised to 20 million NT$ ($650,000 USD) from the previous seven million and Yu’s was doubled to six million NTS ($195,000 USD). The additional bail money demanded was raised by TCG members within twelve hours giving this unique crime story a strong display of group loyalty to the supposed fraudsters.

Meanwhile, Neil Hare, TCG’s lobbyist in Washington, has been unleashed from his no-comment posture to be an outspoken advocate. Hare wrote a screed for a website called Federal News Network where he talked about the “battle for Taiwan.”

“One strongly pro-American group in Taiwan has been feeling the political pain of its convictions…. They would like to see the US regain control of Taiwan as a bridge to the Taiwanese people determining their own future.”

“This pro-US stance landed the leaders of the TCG, Dr. Roger Lin and his wife Julian Lin, in prison. Despite more than a decade of very public and peaceful protest, two lawsuits in the United States, and a robust global public relations effort, the Taiwan Authority accused the Lin’s of fraud. The Lin’s were recently detained for five months in prison, incommunicado and without any bail hearing. And, while they were released on bail temporarily, they were detained a second time and forced to pay additional bail for their release. They now live in constant fear.”

Hare then departs from his report on the history of the fraud case to offer a theory that the People’s Republic of China push to suppress Taiwan created hostility to Roger Lin by the Republic of China.

“Just as the Taiwanese people have been denied their human right, the Lin’s are being bullied and coerced for exercising their right to free speech and the legal rights we would deem fair in the US. In the wake of China’s efforts to suppress corporate references towards Taiwan and influence diplomatic rejection of Taiwan, it is no surprise that the Lin’s pro-US position is now being cloistered as well.”
Hare ends his pitch with a dramatic prediction and a confusing call for international recognition.

“The United States must reconsider their approach to Taiwan by formally recognizing it. In addition, the US should stand up for the Lin’s and tell the Taiwanese Authority to drop all charges against them. The future and foundation of Taiwan depends on it.”

If the future of Taiwan depends on the outcome of the fraud case then maybe Neil Hare should suggest another New York Times ad because the Federal News Network may not have enough readers to move a mountain.


Author: richardsonreports

Author of FRAMED: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO & the Omaha Two Story.

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