Taiwan Civil Government calls for peace treaty with exiled Republic of China

tcg press conf
Taiwan Civil Government calls for treaty with exiled Republic of China to resolve Taiwan’s political purgatory. (credit: Taiwan Civil Government)

Has the elephant in the room finally trumpeted? Taiwan’s longstanding “strategic ambiguity, which was declared “political purgatory” in Roger Lin v. United States of America, is facing its strongest challenge yet from native Taiwanese. Organized as a shadow government, Taiwan Civil Government has called upon the United States to bring the Republic of China in-exile to the negotiating table to resolve sovereignty.

On New Year’s day, TCG held a news conference in Taipei to call for a treaty with ROC, Japan, and the United States to bring resolution to Taiwan’s post-World War II international status. The audacious move, although not politically viable, closely follows the confused legal history of Formosa and international law. Although largely devoid of reporters, the news conference did attract several dozen pro-Chinese protesters from three groups, the Blue Sky Activity Alliance, the Third Force group, and Impeach Tsai. The demonstrators, kept away by TCG’s Black Bear squad, were unable to disrupt the news conference. The Taipei TCG office has previously been attacked by the White Wolves, another pro-China group.

Although news coverage of the call for a treaty was limited in Taiwan and virtually non-existent in the United States, the group’s news release did get reprinted in a variety of Japanese news outlets. The suppression of news is an old game of the status quo to keep new ideas from reaching the public. In this case the May 2018 fraud arrests of TCG leader Roger Lin and others may have contributed to the news whiteout.

The treaty call was made by three members of the group’s executive committee, Yimu Wu, Jianhui Peng, and Yingzhou Hong. One thing not lacking at TCG is chutzpah.

“Formosa (Taiwan) and the Republic of China were both participants in the World War ll. It has been 73 years since the end of World War ll, but so far no Peace Treaty has been signed. It must be put an end now to avoid leaving this problem to the next generation.”

“Recently, North Korea and South Korea have been talking about signing a war-ending agreement and peace treaty to formally close the Korean War, bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula.”

“On behalf of the native Taiwanese, Taiwan Civil Government appealed to the United States, the principal occupying Power, that Taiwan Civil Government should sign war-ending agreement and peace treaty with Kinmen and Matsu’s ROC to conclude World War II, bringing peace to Taiwan and the world.”

So far the United States has issued no response to the TCG appeal. The whole idea seems far-fetched to most people. Yet the steadfastly pro-American group’s request may not fall on completely deaf ears in the White House. TCG’s theory is that since the status of Taiwan is unresolved and the San Francisco Peace Treaty left the United States in charge, then the exiled Republic of China is not the only option. TCG has structured itself as a shadow government, following closely process and protocol from the American military civil affairs manual—a Taiwanese alternative to an exiled Chinese regime.

Roger Lin, founder of TCG, is now alleged to be a criminal mastermind by ROC prosecutors, something that remains to be proven. However, Lin is indeed a mastermind in piercing the strategic ambiguity fog that has clouded Taiwan’s status. Lin’s approach may be unorthodox and has earned TCG a variety of unfriendly comments like “kooky” and “cult-like” but he is like the boy at the parade telling the public that the emperor has no clothes.

Loyal TCG members say that the charges against Lin are baseless and designed to interfere with TCG’s overtures to Donald Trump’s administration. Disgruntled TCG members complain they were allegedly deceived into making donations based on false claims about identification cards.

One thing is certain, don’t expect the Republic of China in-exile to sign a peace treaty with Taiwan Civil Government anytime soon.


Author: richardsonreports

Author of FRAMED: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO & the Omaha Two Story.

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