Ambazonia scholar-soldier Ebenezer Akwanga on crimes against Africa by international community

Southern Cameroons Defense Force Commander-in-Chief Ebenezer Akwanga (credit: Ebenezer Akwanga)

Ebenezer Akwanga, a scholar, peace advocate and former political prisoner, now leads a revolutionary militia for the newly declared independent country of Ambazonia in the former British Southern Cameroons of West Africa. Akwanga has strong views about a predatory international community that has long raided Africa for its people and riches.

Akwanga holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies from South Africa’s University of KwaZulu-Natalin.  The scholar suffered torture and seven years imprisonment, including two years in solitary confinement from a twenty-year jail term, which gave focus to his viewpoint. Akwanga escaped a Cameroon prison in 2003 to Nigeria where he lived for several years before taking up exile in the United States.

During an interview on the Ambazonian declaration of independence from Cameroon, a question about support from the international community provoked a short essay. Akwanga was blunt:

“Who is the international community? The United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Russia, who have divided the world into ‘special spheres of influence’ and ‘our backyard’ domination as in Crimea and Venezuela?”

“Or China’s overwhelming infiltration and strings on Africa’s domestic and economic survival at the detriment of respect for human rights and democratic principles?”

“Or is the international community the African Union, the spoiled-successor organization of the Organization of African Unity which has reduced itself to a ‘fraternity for criminals, political hoodlums, charlatans, misfits, tyrants and failed fathers and mothers’ who have for decades reduced Africa to beggary while there is plenty; imprisoned, tortured, exiled or murdered its manpower?”

“Or is the international community the countries in Scandinavia, who constantly open their doors to ‘brown-skin’ refugees while undermining the legitimate refugee claims of Africans South of the Sahara; Nordic countries that would extol human rights while unable to break diplomatic relations with monstrous, xenophobic annexationists’ regimes like the one in Yaounde?”

“Or is the international community a European Union which is unable to control the thieving excesses of Moliere’s France in Africa, a country that shamelessly continues to promote the economic, political and cultural enslavement of its former colonies in Africa?”

“Or is the international community a United Nations which is only seen to be ‘united’ every September and October of each year when it meets in New York to espouse a series of loud-sounding, meaningless speeches with national interest rather than the collective safeguard and positive development of mankind?”

“I am tired and sick of an international community in which internationalization is based on ‘greed’ and ‘national or regional preservation’ than a genuine concern for their fellow man. I am tired, sick and even vexed with an international community which is cowardly in their modus operandi and stupefying in their explanation, especially on something as delicate as the very survival of my people. There is no international community. There is national-international interest.”

Author: richardsonreports

Author of FRAMED: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO & the Omaha Two Story.

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