International law firm cites ‘globally renowned journalist’ Michael Richardson

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My articles on Taiwan have reached a hungry market eager for news not found anywhere else. I now have more readers in Taiwan than I do in the United States. The desire for news ignored by the mainstream media has caused readers to seek out my reports in record numbers. Two Taiwan news channels have featured my reports as well as the Liberty Times. Now a Washington law firm specializing in international law has recognized my reports.

The article cited by attorney Charles Camp is about the split in Taiwan Civil Government and some possible new litigation over Taiwan’s status. Camp has twice litigated Taiwan issues before the District of Columbia federal courts and appears to be working on a lawsuit that will involve Japan. Camp has chosen sides in the TCG split favoring Julian Lin’s faction.

Julian Lin, widow of TCG founder Roger Lin, was a plaintiff in Roger & Julian Lin vs. Republic of China & United States, a case that challenged the ROC Nationality Act that deprived island residents of their Japanese nationality. Although the case was dismissed for lack of timeliness the court suggested that a different ruling might have been reached if a missing party was before the court. The decision did not identify the missing party but Japan is the likely candidate.

Taiwan Civil Government is under attack by the exiled Republic of China, an occupation administration since the end of World War II when it was installed by the United States military. TCG seeks the ouster of the ROC from Taiwan with United States assistance. The ROC has not taken kindly to the TCG mission and has arrested group leaders for alleged fraud, destroyed TCG headquarters, and harassed members with interrogations and surveillance.

Roger and Julian Lin were arrested in May 2018 and held five months incommunicado without bail. Also arrested in 2018 was group Prime Minister Tsai Tsai-yuan. Tsai, a former White Terror political prisoner, was released on modest bail. Apparently ROC prosecutors were wary of imprisoning a former Green Island inmate again and granted bail.

Roger Lin died in November 2019 and prosecutors dropped charges against him. However, the ROC persists in seeking convictions for Julian Lin and Tsai Tsai-yuan. Two weeks after Roger Lin’s death, Tsai stepped forward to assume the leadership of TCG. Julian resisted, claiming her co-defendant was a “usurper” and that she had inherited leadership of the group from Roger.

The two factions have been tearing into each other on social media both laying claim to legitimacy. Tsai calls his faction TCG 3.0 to distinguish a change of leadership. Lin is showing her moxie by hiring Camp again, although legal bills may soon overwhelm the faction. TCG lobbyist Neil Hare dropped the group late last year after it defaulted on a million dollar bill from Hare. Both factions will be headless if ROC prosecutors prevail against Lin and Tsai, sending the pair to jail.

Camp may have chosen sides in the internal dispute but this “globally renowned journalist” will remain neutral and objective until evidence compels a different response. Critics have claimed favoritism toward TCG for not accepting media reports about the group as valid. However, the ROC accusations remain unproven as the fraud trial grinds slowly on in a never-ending round of hearings and continuances. As before, the presumption of innocence will be extended by me to both Julian Lin and Tsai Tsai-yuan until they are proven, in a fair trial, to be guilty of misdeeds. A fair trial for the TCG leaders accused of cheating their own members may not be so easy as the ROC forbids jury trials and the judges have not done anything about the numerous “victims” that deny their victim status and claim prosecutors are misusing their names to inflate the charges.

Author: richardsonreports

Author of FRAMED: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO & the Omaha Two Story.

3 thoughts on “International law firm cites ‘globally renowned journalist’ Michael Richardson”

  1. Yes, Mike has been the top reporters regarding Taiwan issues in the past few years, that has encouraged many readers to understand the fact or the reality of Taiwan. I have been forward it to my Japanese friends too.
    Thank you again Mike for your reports.
    Best Regards,


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