228 Massacre anniversary in Taiwan is island’s most solemn day and window to the past

Republic of China dictator Chiang Kai-shek’s monument in Taipei memorial hall is an insult to Chiang’s Taiwanese victiims.

Each year there are fewer who still remember the events of February 28, 1947. However, for those that do remember, the annual passing of the date is a sad and solemn reminder that the imposed Republic of China regime committed outrageous atrocities against the Formosan people. The exiled Republic of China remains the government controlling the island today, a source enduring emotional pain to those elderly who remember.

The deliberately confused history of the Republic of China and its occupation of Formosa, now called Taiwan, is the result of seven decades of “strategic ambiguity” that has clouded the island’s sovereignty. ROC apologists, like President Tsai Ing-wen, argue the exiled regime has changed, is now democratic and is already a legitimate nation. However, Taiwan public spaces remain littered with monuments and statues of dictator Chiang Kai-shek, who was responsible for decades of terror and crimes against an innocent populace.

On February 27, 1947, in Taipei, the ROC tax police severely beat a street vendor triggering a spontaneous demonstration the next day. Chiang’s battle-hardened troops responded with violence and unknown thousands of Formosans were ruthlessly murdered. The White Terror period that followed was accompanied by four decades of martial law. It became illegal to even talk about the 228 Massacre.

The misery and suffering of the Taiwanese people at the hands of the Chinese government in-exile is treated as a historical event, long ago supposedly corrected by the ROC when it suspended martial law and allowed the formation of political parties. However, one day a year at the end of February, the populace is forced to examine the continued rule of the ROC with its hero worship of dictator Chiang. Decades of brainwashing by twisted history lessons only allow this small window into reality before the fog of strategic ambiguity rolls back in and clouds everyone’s vision.

In the United States, the 228 Massacre is ignored and doesn’t make it into the history books of school children. Americans do not know that their country looked the other way when the blood flowed in the streets by crimes of its ally, the Republic of China. The same flag from the days of the 228 Massacre and White Terror stills flies from the presidential office building, the legislative yuan, and at the Chiang memorial hall.

The pain of February 28 comes not just from remembrance of that sad day in 1947, but also a brief realization that the Chinese occupation government that brought misery to Formosa is still there.

Author: richardsonreports

Author of FRAMED: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO & the Omaha Two Story.

2 thoughts on “228 Massacre anniversary in Taiwan is island’s most solemn day and window to the past”

  1. Thank you so much Mr. Richardson for helping and fighting with the Formosans. We appreciate it very much. God bless.


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