Donors to Taiwan Civil Government treated like suspects but listed as victims in fraudulent complaint by ROC prosecutors

william & jospehine
William Tseng, Michael Richardson, and Josephine Tseng (credit: Taiwan Civil Government)

Inside Taiwan’s Purgatory

Meet William and Josephine Tseng, two “victims” of a purported international fraud ring. The only problem is that the Tsengs are not victims of anything. The Tsengs cooperated with my fact-finding mission to Taiwan and tell a story vastly different from that told to the judge by prosecutors. The prosecution of Roger and Julian Lin and Tsai Tsai-yuan for fraud against members of Taiwan Civil Government has all the earmarks of a political prosecution.

The ten year-old organization boasts 70,000 members, although prosecutors think about only half that number have joined. TCG seeks to expel the exiled Republic of China from Taiwan with United States help. As the group reached out to Donald Trump it moved from minor irritant to possible threat to the established order. A surprise raid in May 2018 led the ROC to bring fraud charges against TCG leadership in what appears to be an attempt to throttle the group.

“How can they do this?” asked William Tseng while shaking his head in disbelief. “How can they call me a victim? I am no victim although they have treated me like a suspect.”

Tseng, an international trader, and Josephine, a retired doctor, are financially secure and have been generous donors to TCG. William is actually a titleholder in the advocacy group and serves as the. group’s Minister of the Department of Energy in its shadow government.

The husband and wife are frequent junketeers and both have been part of many TCG delegations. The couple has travelled to the United States, Switzerland, and Japan to represent the organization on

repeated trips. Josephine introduced Vice President Mike Pence to a TCG delegation at a 2017 Washington luncheon sponsored by Taiwan Civil Government.

The Tsengs got a taste of the ROC justice system on the morning of the raid that arrested Roger and Julian Lin. William tells the story.

“They showed up at our gate at 8 a.m. in the morning. A dozen police wanted to search our home. They had no warrant and we had done nothing wrong so I refused them entry. They later came back four more times with subpoenas. Josephine and I were interrogated four times, separately, like we were some kind of criminals. It was pure harassment.”

“They didn’t really ask much about money since they had records of our donations, they wanted to know all about our trips overseas. They had all the dates, with information from our passports. They wanted to know who we met with and the purpose of our trips.”

“When the complaint was finally released I was astounded to find both our names listed as victims for the amounts we had voluntarily and willingly donated. How can they say we are victims?”

“We believe that Taiwan Civil Government offers the best hope for ridding Taiwan of the ROC regime. That is why we donate our money and time. We want a Taiwan that is free from the Republic of China. Is that a crime?”

“I don’t know who these prosecutors are, they haven’t spoken to me. If they had, I would have been sure to tell them I am not a victim. We are supporters of TCG, not victims. The only fraud I know about is that committed by the prosecution for falsehoods about us. How can they get away with this?”

Up next, more non-victims complain about prosecutors

Author: richardsonreports

Author of FRAMED: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO & the Omaha Two Story.

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