‘Prime Minister’ Tsai Tsai-yuan found not guilty in Taiwan Civil Government political fraud trial and cleared of criminal charges

Former Green Island political prisoner Tsai Tsai-yuan is not guilty of political fraud charges in Taiwan Civil Government prosecution (credit: Taiwan Civil Government)

Tsai Tsai-yuan, former “Prime Minister” of Taiwan Civil Government, was found not guilty of political fraud charges in Taoyuan District Court. Julian Lin and three others were convicted following a three-year criminal trial. The defendants were charged with cheating members of their own organization by making false claims about benefits of the TCG identity card and vanity license plates. The late Roger Lin, TCG founder, told followers the organization was authorized by the United States Military Government.

A former political prisoner, Tsai suffered twelve years imprisonment at the notorious Green Island Prison. Tsai’s crimes were participating in a student discussion group and writing an essay in a political review journal. Tsai did another three years at Jingmei Prison where he was kept shackled and handcuffed in his cell day and night for six months. Tsai’s final crime was smuggling a list of political prisoners out of prison and into the hands of Amnesty International.

Although Tsai is modest in telling of his years of sorrow, he is proud that his jailers never could break him. Tsai’s name and sentence dates are carved in stone at the Green Island Human Rights Memorial. Tsai’s picture is posted with other notable prisoners at the National Human Rights Museum.

Linda Gail Arrigo, a well-known human rights activist in Taiwan and author of A Borrowed Voice interviewed Tsai in 2004 for a series of reports she did on the White Terror era and the fight against dictator Chiang Kai-shek and his regime.

“Tsai finds it hard to explain his feelings at that time, and how he could withstand the torture….He went through several hours of interrogation a day, continually beaten. His kidneys were damaged, and he still needs treatment for the long-term damage to them. Having his fingers squeezed in a vise, knees forced the wrong way, legs beaten.”

Roger Lin, alleged mastermind of an elaborate political scam, died in October 2019, leaving Tsai and widow Julian as co-defendants. Although they share a common foe, the Republic of China in-exile, the two leaders parted company in a power struggle for control of Taiwan Civil Government. Rather than battle Lin for leadership, Tsai simply formed his own reform faction called Taiwan Civil Government 3.0, splitting the organization. Recently, the two factions have been fighting a trademark battle over the group name.

Although Tsai, cleared of all charges, is now free to lead his faction, Julian Lin received a 19-year prison sentence. Out on bail, Lin must make weekly visits to a police station and has had her travel documents seized.

Taiwan Civil Government is an outgrowth of decades of strategic ambiguity about Taiwan’s longstanding unresolved international status. The group sought United States assistance in expelling the ROC from the island and allowing residents self-determination. At the time of the May 2018 arrests of TCG leaders, the group was pumping money into Washington in a bid to influence President Donald Trump and had scored a connection with presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Tsai’s faction has not announced what comes next, but given Tsai’s long history of opposition to the Republic of China, he can be expected to continue the battle to rid his homeland of the exiled Chinese government.

Author: richardsonreports

Author of FRAMED: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO & the Omaha Two Story.

One thought on “‘Prime Minister’ Tsai Tsai-yuan found not guilty in Taiwan Civil Government political fraud trial and cleared of criminal charges”

  1. Tsai Tsai-yuan was found not quilts of political fraud charges in Taiyuan District Court of the exiled Chinese Government (ROC). The reason is simply being that Tsai Tsai-yuan himself had never gotten involving in any money issue from the beginning. The Taiyuan’s Court was eager to find any possible connection that he might have made during those years, but nothing found. He was cleared of criminal charges. Julian Lin and 3 others were charged with money issue, because counting money bills ,but the mastermind was the late Roger Lin. Political fraud was hard to define. All the members are adult enough to clear understanding what the benefits they might receive from the join of TCG. I am one of the 60,000 members. I knew
    Where to stop. I have to think it over when I felt something not right. Political fraud is hard to become a case.Each person has different political assertion. Applying for a TCG ID card is hoping someday deeply in my mind that I am a truly Taiwanese, not Chinese. The Taiyuan Court is trying to extinguish the opposition ideas from the occupied Taiwanese, but the exiled Chinese authorities would not succeed.


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