Taiwan Civil Government lobbyist Neil Hare at Roll Call Live event responds to fraud charges against leader Roger Lin

Roll Call Live II
Taiwan Civil Government lobbyist Neil Hare at Roll Call Live special event (credit: Screenshot)

After months of biting his tongue and declining comment on the political fraud arrests of his clients Roger and Julian Lin, leaders of Taiwan Civil Government, group lobbyist Neil Hare opened up a media campaign to call for the dismissal of the charges. The occasion was a Roll Call Live post-election special program, apparently paid for by TCG.

Julian Lin had been invited by David Meyers, Vice President of Roll Call Live, however Lin was barred from attending by terms of her bail which require her to report to a Taoyuan police station every day. Until recently both Lins had been held incommunicado in solitary confinement punishment cells without furniture. In 2016, at a similar Roll Call Live show, Lin was the honorary mistress of ceremony. TCG sponsorship of that event was $20,000.

Although Julian Lin could not attend this year’s post-election program, a TCG delegation did make the trip, dressed in their trademark black suits sporting TCG lapel pins. Making the rounds of Washington media houses, the TCG delegation of a half-dozen was smaller than in the past. Group finances might be stretched thin as bond was over $1 million dollars to free the Lins from pre-trial detention. They are accused of tricking disgruntled group members out of donations by making false claims of support from the United States.

Hare has been long silent on the May 2018 fraud arrests. Hare’s firm, Global Vision Communications, was a subject of inquiry by a Taoyuan District Court judge at a pre-trial hearing in Roger Lin’s case. Recently, Hare was responsible for the placement of a full-page advertisement in the New York Times seeking international assistance for the Lins. Bail was granted one week after the newspaper ad.

In the Roll Call Live pitch Hare was every bit that a polished mouthpiece should be, albeit a little fuzzy on TCG goals. Hare hasn’t fully embraced Roger Lin’s vision of TCG becoming the provisional government of Taiwan with American military assistance. However, Hare has claimed the arrests were politically motivated because of TCG’s strong pro-American stance.

Taiwan’s seven decades of unresolved sovereignty, since the end of World War II, have left the former Japanese island caught in a strategic ambiguity called by a panel of US federal appellate judges “political purgatory.” The unresolved status has left the population conflicted and confused. There is even confusion over the name. Older residents and those of Japanese heritage call the island Formosa. The United States government uses the name Taiwan. The International Olympic Committee and the major airlines use Chinese Taipei. The governing authority goes by Republic of China.

Lack of sovereignty keeps Taiwan out of the United Nations, barred from the World Health Organization and banned from Interpol. Worse yet, the claim to own Taiwan by the Republic of China in-exile puts the island at risk of military invasion by the People’s Republic of China under the “one China” policy.

Taiwan’s political purgatory is haunted by an evil history with the 228 Massacre and subsequent White Terror period during harsh martial law imposed by the ROC on the Taiwanese people. Completing the formula of disaster is the shameful reality that the United States installed the ROC after World War II and then let them stay in charge of the island. During the bloodshed America looked the other way and ignored the cruel crimes of the Chinese.

American support for TCG’s desire to expel the ROC is a critical issue in the fraud case. Prosecutors claim there is no American role and rely on a letter, thus far kept secret, from the American Institute on Taiwan. However, countering the mysterious AIT letter are persistent rumors that TCG has secret support from the Central Intelligence Agency and Julian Lin’s tete-a-tete in Washington last year with Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump.

If Roger and Julian Lin are fraudsters, then Neil Hare is aiding and abetting political fraud. However, if the Lins are victims of an imposed government they seek to expel, then Neil Hare is a courageous American speaking out about international injustice. Hare was present in May 2017 when Julian Lin had her private session with White House adviser Conway. Maybe Neil knows something the rest of us do not.

Author: richardsonreports

Author of FRAMED: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO & the Omaha Two Story.

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