Tsai Ing-wen’s missing thesis was not submitted says university library

Screenshot (199)
Catalog entry for Tsai Ing-wen’s doctoral thesis with no information available (credit: London School of Economics and Political Science)

The London School of Economics and Political Science Library has confirmed that Tsai Ing-wen’s 1984 doctoral thesis was not submitted as required by academic protocol. Tsai, who is now the President of the Republic of China in-exile and living on Taiwan, attended LSE in London in the 1980’s when she authored her doctoral dissertation entitled “Unfair Trade Practices and Safeguard Actions.” The only problem is that Tsai’s thesis upon which her doctorate degree is based is not to be found.

Ruth Orson of the library’s research services office answered questions about Tsai’s missing dissertation: “Dr. Tsai’s thesis is unavailable I’m afraid. LSE Library has never had a copy of this thesis.”

“All Ph.D.s from that period were awarded under the University of London banner and would have been sent first to Senate House Library, and this being under Law would also have gone to the IALS.”

“Unfortunately Senate House apparently never received a copy and the IALS are unable to find their copy. We had to make extensive searches when Dr. Tsai stood for election and I am sorry to disappoint.”

The Institute for Advanced Legal Studies maintains the United Kingdom’s top law library and is a national repository of doctoral thesis dissertations. A search of the IALS database failed to locate Tsai’s missing thesis.

Tsai Ing-wen had not released her thesis nor does she comment on the matter. Tsai’s views on unfair trade practices is a topic of interest to many in the business community yet her scholarship on the topic has escaped public scrutiny. While expertise on international trade is not a bad quality in a leader it is not essential to run a government as different skill sets are needed. However, good leadership does require integrity. Thus Tsai’s missing thesis has implications important to her qualification for office. Was the thesis plagiarized? Does the thesis competently explore the topic of unfair trade? Why was the thesis kept from the public?

The questions emerged in early June 2019 on Facebook when academic researcher Cao Chang-qing suggested the thesis does not exist. Cao said the missing thesis was unsettling, but the fact it had not been resubmitted by Tsai was even more baffling.

Talk show host Dennis Peng picked up the inquiry. Peng commented that Tsai’s missing thesis was the most bizarre thing he had encountered in his twenty-five year academic career.

Fear that a scandal would sour Tsai’s chances of reelection and return the Kuomintang to power have kept the lid on the story of the phantom thesis. Democratic Progressive Party loyalists have gone silent on the controversy and Tsai Ing-wen has nothing yet to say on the matter.

Taiwan, caught in political purgatory and a longstanding strategic ambiguity, continues to be a land where anything is possible and nothing is certain. Answers about Tsai’s thesis are not to be had leaving lingering questions that will not quietly go away.

The controversy over Tsai’s thesis only expanded after she turned in a faxed copy of the document.  Tsai then escalated the matter by bringing a lawsuit against two professors for remarks made about the thesis.  Hwan Lin, another professor facing a lawsuit has released his report on Tsai’s thesis in English.

The London School of Economics has failed to reveal the identity of the thesis examiners who reviewed Tsai’s thesis, directing inquiries to the University of London.  The university has refused to release the names citing the Privacy Act.  An appeal to the United Kingdom Information Commissioner resuilted in a decision the names of thesis examiners are the private business of Tsai.  The matter is now pending in a court appeal to the Information Review Tribunal which has issued a preliminary ruling allowing the case to go forward.   Final submissions are due June 22, 2021.

This article has been updated to reflect the role of the University of London in the thesis story and pending litigation.


Author: richardsonreports

Author of FRAMED: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO & the Omaha Two Story.

69 thoughts on “Tsai Ing-wen’s missing thesis was not submitted says university library”

      1. While the library indicated that Tsai’s dissertation is missing, what proves that Ma’s dissertation has a lot of typos and error? Did you read it?


      2. Thanks for asking. I did read Ma Ying-jeou’s Harvard thesis. It can be found on-line. The errors and mistakes, typos and etc. were all marked out in red by a retired teacher applying the Harvard freshman rules of grammar in my copy. All I had to do was count the teacher’s corrections.

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  1. No submission of a final version of a doctorate dissertation means the candidate is not confirmed to have qualified for the degree and no degree would have been granted to the candidate.

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    1. There were 106 PhD graduates from LSE in 1984, three were awarded PhD in law…
      1.Jose Enrique Molina Vega
      2.Michael Francis Smith
      3.Ing-wen Tsai
      see the two PhD guys’ theses … so high quality in format and content and easily available in many public libraries


    2. Tsai has used the whole country machine to keep such a simple story to become so complicated. What a criminal she is, when considering all of the resources, which belong to all of the people living in Taiwan, she has been wasting!


      1. It was submitted just now after all the scrutiny and 35 years after her graduation? The answer is pretty apparent that she never really submitted her thesis nor did she earn her degree. Sad to see someone that is willing to lie about her education runs the government. What kind of message does this deliver to the young generation?

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      2. Every day with the wind to go everywhere to make the brainless people ignore Tsai Yingwen’s government incompetence


    1. Download was not available? Also, there were 10 pages not numbered? Why document published so late? Plus, President Tsai was as a professor to multiple Taiwan’s institutions, were the institutions reviewed the legitimate thesis at the time? It seems very odd especially, Tsai wants to become the next potential president of the Republic of China – Taiwan. Integrity is the key and the doubts are there…

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      1. The word “Integrity ” never was and is in her life dictionary . What I suspect is, how LSE UNDER WHAT ALLOWANCE AND circumstance to accept an incomplete copy, and offered a PhD certificate ?
        Being bought? I read an unconfirmed document saying Taiwan government some kind official, donated a sum of big dollars to LSE IN RETURN offer a graduatd certificate without thesis. ??? This needs university of LSE TO reveal the truth


    2. It is a book, 2019, not the 1984 thesis.
      Unfair trade practices and safeguard actions
      Ing-wen Tsai; University of London,
      Thesis (Ph.D.) 2019”


  2. Apparently…resources are being maneuvered by KMT or CCP? cause there’s enough evidence to back her academic career, plz just have a look or find translators alright? ws.moe.edu.tw/Download.ashx?u=C099358C81D4876C725695F2070B467E8B81ED614D7AF43ED7A6191EA2591E5BA3C8FF8600F65CDC847604E575A7435E5ED284142D511EBE2795944025CA00406AE193B84520CD17D164D22797201D1B&n=F9FA136206BB59544FB8D3A44903BFF96489A89B70452FEA&icon=..pdf

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  3. The Tsai minions can quit lying to themselves and stop making all us other Taiwaneses look like brainless idiots. We all know the only copy available in the world right now is the one she submitted just a few weeks ago, your links won’t get us anywhere.
    Plus, that woman’s lies just keep piling up! She claimed that she got her Taiwan lawyer’s license in 1996 by passing the exam, when in truth she got it by applying for it as a law professor. Then there’s that mess of a student record card she posted for all to see. The infos don’t make sense and the dates don’t add up (the so-called witnessses only support the idea that they’re all orchestrating a big lie that’s become too much for even themselves to keep everything straight).
    Last but not least, just last month, she promptly boasted during a speech that she was the brilliant mastermind behind buying our administration building near Central Station in New York. It wasn’t until former president Chen spoke out about the truth that she apologized and said she miss remembered. How does someone miss remember something as concrete as making the decision to buy a building in America? She’s either a chronic liar, or a schizophrenic.
    We must also all remember that, even though she’s been a DPP party member these past few years, she comes from a wealthy family and her dad had good connections with the KMT. It would have been a piece of cake for her dad to arrange all sorts of things using his money and connections in the 1980s. The KMT eneded up not further exploring this matter 4 years ago because that probably would’ve gotten some of their own people in trouble.
    It’s sad that even the DPP has become as corrupted as the KMT, but thankfully, we have Dr. Peng, who is the last reporter with any integrity in Taiwan. He’s going to London soon to get into the bottom of this with help from some Brits. So stay tuned to Dr. Peng’s channel for updates^^~

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  4. Can’t a transcript and academic records be pulled? In Taiwan, anything can be faked or counterfeited. But we can seek the truth by elaborating truth finding.


    1. LSE only confirmed that the student record showed by Tsai is not the completed version but does not want to disclose any more.


  5. The only explanation that can fit all the observed facts is that Tsai never finished her dissertation back in 1984. The PhD degree, if awarded by LSE, is bought. LSE had previous record of selling degree to Gaddafi’s son, which resulted in the resignation of the then president.


  6. Former President Chen Shui-bian said in a Facebook post on the 1st that in 2015, Tsai Ing-wen’s doctoral diploma was lost. Dr. Huang Guojun asked the former Dean of the School of Economics and Political Science of London University, Giddens, and the current House of Lords to help.


  7. Dr. Wenzheng Peng filed a civil suit in Taipei District Court, Taiwan on November 29, 2019: Confirming that Tsai Ing-wen’s 1984 London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) PhD thesis does not exist


  8. Here is the official notice from the LSE website that confirms President Tsai’s receipt of her Doctor’s Degree of Law from London University in 1994.


    I encourage all of you not continue to engage in this character assassination. Rather I encourage you to say “Thank You” to Dr. Tsai for preventing Taiwan from following the same fate as Hong Kong. She is the president ever in Chinese history.


  9. Should look at any ties with Cambridge Analytica. They can do anything to help their clients to win the election.


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